Personable Service with Professional Results… We do exactly that!

About-imageOur mission is to provide an affordable, customer-service oriented, one-stop shop for authors. We want to provide the independent publishing services they need so they can spend their time doing what they love most… WRITE!

That philosophy extends to every aspect of our business.

For example, anyone with the right software and a smidgen of know-how can license a royalty-free image from a stock photo site, slap on a book title and author name, and call it a cover. But that’s not how we operate at Streetlight Graphics. We use a mix of licensed and original digital assets to create an original composition, a book cover that won’t be duplicated by someone else who licenses the same photo.

With a Streetlight Graphics book cover, you’ll never experience the embarrassment of e-mails telling you how many authors are using “the same book cover as you with a different title on it.” While elements of our designs might show up once in a while from the digital assets we license, they will be barely recognizable, because we view licensed photos as a starting point for our designs, not a final product.

Take our formatting services as another example. Many formatters will process your manuscript without even looking at the text. Some even automate the process into a “script” that inserts the proper code and/or strips out excess code. Other than giving it a once-over after that automated process is done, they barely glance at it. Not at Streetlight Graphics. Our formatters work closely with your text, optimizing it for e-books and, in the case of print formatting, making highly customized design choices that will enhance and complement your book.

While we do not proofread or edit manuscripts, nor do we delay your project by reading it through first, our formatting specialists have highly trained eyes that can spot errors while scrolling through text; when we notice such errors, we point them out to our clients rather than turning a blind eye to them because “it’s not our job” or missing them entirely because we formatted your book via some automated script.

Sometimes we even return projects to authors with a recommendation that they re-edit it if there are frequent errors in a manuscript that somehow got overlooked. Such a commitment to maintaining the highest-possible quality standards is just another example of our commitment to unparalleled customer service. At Streetlight Graphics, we want every book and client we help to be the best, most professionally presented product it can be. That’s our commitment to you.

We are a small company and have slowly been building up a team of talented individuals who strongly believe in providing quality work at an affordable rate. All members of our team provide their work on a contract basis, so we don’t have the overhead of a typical design studio. And we are always on the lookout for talented artists, designers, and web gurus to add to the team.

Currently Streetlight Graphics does eBook covers, print covers, interior eBook and print formatting, banner ads, logo design, and just about anything else related to publishing you may need. We also have some great package deals where you can get several of these combined at a great price, as detailed on our pricing page.

Streetlight Graphics: Your Publishing Ally.