Who we are

Streetlight Graphics began in the early 2000s as a hobby comic book project that quickly grew into a full-time business creating covers and interiors for Indie and self-published writers and small-press publishers. We aren’t just a team of designers—we’re also creators. We know the publishing business because we have hands-on, personal experience on all the major platforms—Amazon/KDP, Draft2Digital, Apple, BN, Smashwords, Lightning Source/Ingram Spark, etc.

What we do

Whatever you need. No, seriously—we don’t just do covers and interiors. Need branded Facebook, Twitter, Instagram graphics? We can do that. Have a children’s book you want illustrated? Give us a call. Want a spectacular book trailer? Sure, we do those. Need a helping hand in learning the ins and outs? Absolutely, we can help. Tiktok content? Sure, why not? 

New Frontiers

As new innovations in technology and software come online, we’re watching carefully to see where the design industry goes. We’re excited about the potential for AI-created art, but at the moment, we’re not using it in our products due to the need for rights clarification and copyright concerns.