• What’s it going to cost me?
    • Please refer to our page pricing page. This will list all our services along with costs of each.
  • Payment Terms:
    • We require half the total up front, and the other half upon completion.  We will send you a proof of the finished product for approval prior to billing you for the second half.  Upon receipt, we will send you the file/s.
    • We bill through PayPal.
    • After we start your project, you will be invoiced for half upfront through PayPal. You will receive an email from PayPal, explaining how to make the payment. Just follow the directions. You don’t need a PayPal account to complete payment, just a major credit card. We will send a similar invoice for the other half of the fee upon completion of your project.


  • Schedule availability is flexible.  We will tell you when we start our communication how soon we can get started on your cover/s or formatting project.
  • Most work is completed within two (2) weeks of receiving all required information and the fifty-percent down payment.  Depending on your needs, this time period may be adjusted.
  • If you would like us to, we can also book projects one month or more in advance. In these cases, we do not invoice you until your scheduled project comes up. We then contact you to make sure you’re ready for us to begin work as scheduled, ask for the assets needed for your project, and invoice you upon confirmation.

Book Cover Required Information checklist:

  • We require the following information from you before beginning a project:
    • Synopsis or short outline of the book. This will help us gauge the overall mood of the book so we can create a cover that matches the mood and feel you’re looking for, and is appropriate to the genre and content of your book.
    • Three examples of book covers in your genre that have the same feel you are going after that you really like.
    • Any photo, clipart, or object you definitely want included on the cover. (Provide this only if you have a specific image your story references heavily or is pivotal to the plot or feel of the book. Also, be aware that if you do not own the rights to this image, we may not be able to use it.)
    • Amazon KDP (Formerly Createspace) and/or Ingram Spark printing specifications (for print books only). If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to ask us. We will help you choose the best option for your book. (The most-common choices are: Cream paper @ 5.5” x 8.5” or 6”x9” or 5″x8″)
      • Cream or white paper (determines spine width)
      • Total page count, if we are not doing the print interior prose print formatting for you. (This determines spine width.)
      • Trim Size (The overall dimensions of the finished printed book)
        • Although Amazon KDP & Ingram Spark support many additional trim sizes, and we are fully capable of doing a book in virtually any size, we would encourage you to select from the most common trim sizes, which are as follows:
          • 5” x 8”
          • 5.5” x 8.5”
          • 6” x 9”

So what’s the process?  How does it work?

  • We strike up communication via email or phone and discuss a little bit about what you’re looking for – genre, mood of cover, your timeline, etc.  If we both agree to move forward on the project, you provide with the required information and half the payment.  We will create a small mock-up of your cover and send to you for review.  If we’re on the right track, you approve the design, and we finalize the image and send you the final files.
  • If we aren’t on the same page, design-wise, we discuss what to change and what to keep.  The design process isn’t always straightforward, and we will provide options as required (up to a reasonable amount) until we nail your desired design.  Once that is settled, you approve the final design and we finalize the image, sending it back to you for final approval.  The project is considered finished when the client answers yes to these questions:
    • Does the cover fit the “feel” of your book?
    • Does the cover look professionally designed?
    • Would you recommend us to anyone else looking for a cover?

 Okay, sounds interesting.  Where can I see examples of your work?

How long do you keep my design on file?

  • Indefinitely. We do not delete client’s designs.

What happens if your computer crashes and my design is lost?

  • We backup to an external device once a week and to an online backup service as we work. Because of this double backup system, it is highly unlikely this will happen.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

    • Is my cover design exclusive? Yes! While some discount cover services offer you non-exclusive stock designs, or simply download and license one picture from a stock photo service and slap your title and author name on it and call it good, that is not the case with Streetlight Graphics. When you choose Streetlight Graphics as your cover designer, you will receive a completely unique cover design that won’t be duplicated on other books. While we use licensed images from stock photo sites as a source for some of our digital assets, our designs will typically contain elements from several such images, pulled into an extensively customized and designed cover that looks completely unique in your final design. We also utilize original digital assets in many of our designs, as well. All of this is to ensure your book cover is unique to your book and your book alone.
    • Do I have to pay royalties for each book I sell with your design? No. The cover fee is a one-time purchase. We don’t believe in collecting royalties on our cover designs in addition to our up-front fee, and most other legitimate designers don’t, either. If you are thinking of hiring a designer who expects royalties in addition to, or in place of, an up-front design fee … DON’T HIRE THEM!
    • Who owns the rights to my book cover? You do, after completing payment for our services. Most of our authors often give us a credit for providing the design on the copyright page of their book or eBook, but once you’ve paid us for the cover, the deliverables belong to you. Not only does that mean you are free to use it as you wish, it means that should you ever want to change the cover to your book and no longer use that image, you’re free to do that as well. (And if you ever want a different cover, we would be pleased to provide a new, fresh design at that time. We would treat it as a new project at that time.) We do retain the right to use the cover we designed for you on our website portfolio, for promotional purposes.
    • Does the book have to be finished before you can design my cover? Although it is easier for us if it is (especially for print), no.  The book doesn’t have to be completed before we can start your cover.  If you are targeting a specific release date and have actively promoted this date, it is a good idea to get the cover rolling while you are finishing the book up. You should, however, be at least 70-80% complete so we can match the “feel” of the finished story.
    • Can we design the cover now and do the formatting/print layout later when the prose is done? Yes, and as long as you pay for the cover fee portion of a package deal, we will honor the pricing and finish your project at a later date. We do ask you to notify us two weeks prior to requiring the final services so we can accommodate our other clients as well.
    • Do you provide the original design files with your services? Sorry, but no. We provide high resolution print ready (or upload ready) files only. We do not provide assets like layered Photoshop documents, as doing so may reveal some of our trade secrets and design methods. It’s simply not something we do. We will provide finalized deliverables, but not our work files.
    • How many revisions do I get? As many as is required, within reason. Some revisions are easier than others, but three to six is the usual, but if your project requires more, no problem.
    • Can I revise my design a month or so from now after it is completed? Yes. If it is a small revision, we will make the change for little or no charge. If it is substantial, we will issue you a quote for before proceeding.
    • Do you use copyright free images? Yes. We have subscriptions to sites that sell royalty free images. It is illegal for us to use any image that has a copyright on it.
    • Do I have to pay extra for images that you purchase? No, with one exception. The only time we would ask for additional charges for image purchases is if you want us to use a specific image at a specific image provider that is not reasonably priced. (Believe it or not, some images can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Obviously we can’t buy an image that costs more than our design fee.)
    • What makes you my best choice to design my cover? Three reasons.
      • The cover will fit the feel of the book.
      • You cover will look professional.
      • Customer service
        • Yes, we know. Anyone can say “customer service” and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. But how many other cover designers are accessible to so much personal contact with their clients? We are open to communication via email and Facebook on a 24/7 basis, as well as Skype-chat, and phone (502-208-1642) during our regular office hours of 10am through 5 PM ET, Monday through Friday. Most designers hide their contact information. We promote ours. With Streetlight Graphics, you can talk to a human being, live!
  • eBook Formatting
    • Ebook Formatting Required Checklist:
      • Front Matter (All the stuff in the front of the book, like copyright, legal mumbo jumbo, etc.)
        • Copyright info (sometimes a book may have registered in 2018 even though we’re in 2019, or registered copyright under a DBA or a different name, so we need confirmation.)
        • Contact info (web site, email) that you want included on the copyright page.
        • The name and website (for hot-linking in eBooks) of your editor.
        • The name and website (for hot-linking in eBooks) of your cover designer (if it’s not us).
        • A dedication, if you want one.
      • Back Matter (All the stuff in the back of the book, like bio, author photo, etc.)
        • A paragraph of acknowledgments. (Thanking beta-readers, etc.)
        • A list of “Other titles by me.”
        • A current biography.
        • An author’s photo.
        • Social media addresses.
        • A single sample chapter from another book you want to include, for cross-promotional purposes.
    • What do you provide?
      • Amazon .mobi formatting for Kindle
      • Barnes and Noble .ePub formatting for Nook
      • KoboBooks .ePub formatting for Kobo
      • Google play .ePub formatted fro Google Play
      • Apple .ePub formatting for iTunes/iBooks (Note that you must have an ISBN# and own a Mac computer to upload directly to Apple. If you do not have these, you will need to use Smashwords to distribute to Apple.)
      • Smashwords .ePub formatting for Smashwords
      • A tutorial on how to Publish your book
    • And what kind of files are these?There is a different “deliverable” for each format
      • For Kindle, you receive a .mobi file with the proper .settings intact required by Amazon. All you do is upload the .mobi file.
      • For Nook, Kobo, and Google Play you get an .ePub file ready for uploading to each retailer.
      • For Apple, you get two (Apple requires two different files) customized ePub files ready for uploading to iTunes/iBook store.
      • For Smashwords, you get a customized ePub file, designed specifically according to the Smashwords Style Guide and ready for uploading to Smashwords.
      • For best results, do not alter any of these documents after you receive them.
    • What do you need from me to get started? We require a fully-edited, ready for publication manuscript. This is very important, as eBook Design services include design work only, not proofreading. We’re happy to catch the occasional mistake at no extra charge. However, if we find a lot of errors, we will contact you about the need for additional editing or proofing services before proceeding with your formatting. We are passionate about providing a professional final product for all of our clients, so we won’t format your work until it’s ready for prime time! We will provide you with referrals upon request, if we determine your manuscript needs more work.
    • Anything else you need? In addition to an edited and proofed, publication-ready manuscript, we need you to provide any front matter (see item above) you expect to appear in the eBook. We also would like you to provide any back matter (see item above) that you wish included. If you’re unsure what to provide, we will work with you to help you come up with the necessary assets.
    • Do I need to buy a Barcode? No, we take care of the barcode for you.
    • Does my book have to be finished before you can format it? Yes. eBook formatting is the final step in the publishing process, prior to uploading the book to Amazon, BN.com and Smashwords. We do NOT format first-drafts or unfinished manuscripts.
    • Can you upload my eBooks for me? No. You must perform this step yourself, using your own individual accounts at Amazon KDP, BN PubIt and Smashwords. No Streetlight Graphics employee or representative will ever ask you for your personal account information or passwords; do not share them! However, we will provide you a free, handy tutorial that will help you through the process if this is your first time.
    • Do I get to approve the content before you format it? Yes, we provide you with a first approval copies of the documents representative of the formatting. We ask you approve it and then we will proceed with the final outputting of all formats.

 CreateSpace/Lightning Source/Ingram Spark Interior Formatting FAQ

  • What do you provide? A professionally-formatted document that will be suitable for uploading to CreateSpace or Lightning Source  as the Interior Formatting portion of your publication.
  • What will I receive? An Adobe PDF-formatted document, specifically customized to the trim size of your choice, suitable for CreateSpace or Lightning Source uploading.
  • What do you need from me? Final Trim size, (see above section referring to trim sizes), all front matter and back matter, as well as an edited, finalized, ready-for-publication manuscript. See eBook Formatting FAQ above for details.
  • Does my book have to be finished before you can format it? Yes. CreateSpace or Lightning Source Interior formatting is the final step in the publishing process, prior to uploading the book to CreateSpace or Lightning Source.

 Other Services

  • We also provide website design advice, logo design, promotional literature design, banner and poster design, bookmarks, and will help you find printing sources if you need them.

 Legal / Terms and Conditions

  • Streetlight Graphics LLC is not liable for any infringements including, but not limited to, book titles, characters, author names, places, or any other person, place or event. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure he/she is not infringing on someone else’s intellectual property.
  • If purchased images are used, Streetlight Graphics will follow protocol for proper royalties and usage rights under terms of such usage.
  • Cover image is owned by client at moment full payment is received for services. Streetlight Graphics LLC retains no rights to image except to be used for promotional and portfolio purposes of Streetlight Graphics LLC including, but not limited to, an online or printed portfolio, and in links to purchase book and to author’s website.
  • Streetlight Graphics LLC reserves the right to add additional fees for any revisions above and beyond a normal design process, including but not limited to, custom photography costs, professional model salaries, and traditional illustration work (above what is mentioned in the earlier section). Streetlight Graphics LLC will seek client approval before authorizing this work.

 Privacy Policy

  • Streetlight Graphics LLC will not share your personal information with any person or business without your consent.