How much does it cost?

  • Take a look at our pricing page. If you want something and don’t see it listed, just ask – chances are, we can do it.

Payment Terms:

  • We bill through PayPal, but you can also send us a check or money order via USPS mail.
  • In most cases, we invoice upon the completion of the project. Once payment is received, we send your files. Occasionally, we will ask for payment up front or half up front, particularly if it is a large estimated invoice.


  • Availability: We are typically booked out anywhere from 2-6 weeks, depending on the time of year. Just ask, and we’ll give you a date.
  • We do book in advance, up to a year or so.
  • Once your project begins, we’ll contact you to make sure we have all the information we need to start. Once we have that information, you’ll see a first approval copy by the end of the first week, and turnaround to completion is typically 2-4 weeks, depending on the scope of the project.

So what’s the process?  How does it work?

  • We strike up communication via email or phone and discuss what you’re looking for – genre, mood of cover, your timeline, etc.  If we both agree to move forward on the project, you provide us with the required information (we have a questionnaire we’ll send you)  and we book the appointment.
  • When your appointment arrives, we create a mock-up of your cover and send to you for review.  Or if you’re just having us do formatting, we’ll send you the interior or a sample of it (for nonfiction) for approval. If we’re on the right track, you approve the design, and we finalize the project, send you the invoice, and once that’s paid, send you the final files.
  • If we aren’t on the same page, design-wise, we discuss what to change and what to keep.  The design process isn’t always straightforward, and we’ll work with you until we nail your desired design (within a reasonable number of revisions, of course). We consider a project finished when the client answers yes to these questions:
    • Does the cover fit the “feel” of your book?
    • Does the cover look professional?
    • Would you recommend us to anyone else looking for a cover?

How long do you keep my design on file?

  • Indefinitely. We do not delete client projects.

What happens if your computer crashes and my design is lost?

  • We backup to an external device once a week and to an online backup service as we work. Because of this double backup system, it is highly unlikely this will happen.

Is my cover design exclusive? 

  • Yes. We use licensed images from stock photo sites as a source for some of our digital assets, but our designs typically contain elements from several images, not just one or two.

Who owns the rights to my book cover and graphics? 

  • Once payment is complete, you do. We do retain the right to use any graphics we’ve created on our website, in the portfolio, and for promotional purposes.

Do you provide the original design files with your services? 

  • We do not. We provide high resolution print and upload ready files only. We do not provide assets like layered Photoshop documents, since that can result in a violation of licensing agreemeents, EULAs, and Terms of Service on our end with the software/fonts/image providers we use.

 Legal/Terms and Conditions

  • Streetlight Graphics LLC is not liable for any infringements including but not limited to: book titles, characters, author names, places, or any other person, place or event, contained within the files we are provided by the client. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they are not infringing on someone else’s intellectual property.
  • If purchased images are provided by the client, Streetlight Graphics will follow protocol for proper royalties and usage rights under terms of such usage.
  • Cover image is owned by the client as soon as full payment is received for services rendered. Streetlight Graphics LLC retains no rights to image except to be used for promotional and portfolio purposes of Streetlight Graphics LLC including but not limited to an online or printed portfolio, social media promotion, etc.
  • Streetlight Graphics LLC reserves the right to add additional fees for any revisions above and beyond a normal design process, including but not limited to, custom photography costs, professional model salaries, and traditional illustration work (above what is mentioned in the earlier section). Streetlight Graphics LLC will seek client approval before authorizing this work.

 Privacy Policy

  • Streetlight Graphics LLC will not share your personal information with any person or business without your consent.